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We offer the full range of access control systems including regular, ticketing, and parking solutions. Our company develops and manufactures access control systems since its establishment. Our portfolio includes full range of products and services, from the simplest to the most sophisticated access control systems and linked applications like time attendance, visitor management, burglary alarm and video surveillance system, integration, with management of remote sites (distant premises).

TicketControl® - Ticketing Access Control System

TicketControl® is a ticketing access control system designed for sport centers, recreational areas, leisure activities, public baths, etc. Wherever services are provided for payment or need to sell tickets, and where the staff’s movements must be controlled, TicketControl® is the solution. The less time guests spend with administration, the more time they have for fun. The system aims to provide the simplest, most quick and trouble-free service to guests while having the total control of the facility for the operators. The TicketControl® ticketing and access control system with its equipments offers flexible and unique solution according to all these values. Due to its modular design, it is extendable with new hardware units or linked applications like the ParkControl® system or the ShopModule. TicketControl’s functions and units include everything that may be required like online or offline lockerlock management, RFID badge collecting, providing information by terminals, sophisticated user right levels, highly configurable zone access rules, credit management, etc. Financial and access reports make the control of all the money and human movements transparent for the management.

ParkControl® - Pay Parking System

The ParkControl® system is a fast and reliable solution for pay parking areas. Entering and leaving the parking area are going at entrance and exit columns, which handle different tickets and badges (with bar code or RFID). The system includes entrance and exit columns, readers, ticket handlers, intercom, automatic pay station, barriers, etc. Payment is possible at human cashiers or at automatic pay stations. Highly flexible time rules, schedules can be defined according to the needs, even with special rules (e.g. free parking service linked to other service or condition). The system is modular, hence extendable with new units (additional barriers, entrances and exits, automatic pay stations, etc.), additional linked applications (TicketControl®, ShopModule). The cashier’s terminal is a client PC with the capability of creating receipt or invoice.

Access Control Units - Turnstiles

We offer also electronically controllable obstacles like turnstiles, swing-doors, automatic gates, etc. Among turnstiles, only the full-height turnstiles ensure the fraud-proof operation without human observation. The tripod or half-height turnstiles and automatic gates are useful at places where the security level is lower or human guards are present. The units may have servo-motorized or electro-mechanical control. The housing can be made of stainless steel and/or powder coated steel. Indoor and outdoor models are available.

Vehicle Access - Roadblockers, Barriers

These units control access of vehicles. The barriers (arm or chain) and parking guards are practical accessories in every parking area if safety is concerned. Our product range covers every demands from the simplest bollards to the highest safety level military roadblockers.

Ticket and Pay Stations

One of the most important units of ticketing and parking access control systems is the ticketing and payment automats. The automat accepts and handles bank notes and coins and may give back the change in coins, if required. It can also manage different badges or tickets abreast (with RFID or barcode technology). The automat has touch screen, which can be used for providing information or advertising purposes when it is on standby.

Unipass - Access

Nowadays, the business concerns and the organizations need to access the people and monitoring with safety and easy.  The Unipass system relies on advanced technologies, and software allocates each person specific authorization for access in accordance with your own rules, and records them on their personalized card. This authorization may be changed at any time, for example, if the rules change or if the person changes jobs. This increases the security of your staff, your guests, customers, subcontractors and visitors, who are protected from intruders, accidents or unpleasant surprises; it protects your equipment, confidential documents and files that could interest intruders or competitors, or which could be pirated. Unipass also stores all the information, and if necessary, this could be used to reconstruct an exhaustive chronology of events. This features explain why Unipass product has been so well accepted in multinational and in small and medium-sized firms. 

Unitime - Time management

“TEMPUS FUGIT…” That is why UNITIME time management software is come in. A modern business needs to able to handle various systems for managing working hours. Part-time working, flexible working hours, time off etc. All these systems require various information to be recorded, collated, analyzed and checked. This is a tedious and thankless task, which is prone to mistake that can upset the employees. Unitime software is designed to solve these problems efficiently, transparently and finally. But Unitime is not stop there: it checks on absences and breaks, draws up an organizational structure diagram for shifts depending on their skills, manage holidays, overtime, time-off in lieu, sick to working hours; it draws up planning schedules and responds immediately to new situations and constraints. 

Uniguard - Unitour - Alarm Monitoring

UNIGUARD is a software for monitoring and management of alarms, displaying on a single screen all the messages and information relating to alarms generated by an unlimited number of building automation and surveillance systems. To simplify matters and accelerate operations, the alarms are shown graphically on the basis of plans imported from external sources.The alarms are managed by the UNIGUARD application, which takes into account the configuration of the site, the time parameters and external events. A classification of alarms into precise categories enables the actions that need to be taken in the event of an alert to be clearly defined, for example: validation of the alarm, action on the site, calling the persons in charge, calling emergency services, confirmation of completed action etc. As soon as an alarm is triggered, a specific window asks the operator to take a specific action. If necessary, the operator can also enter information about the alarms or the actions taken. All these alarms and the actions taken are recorded and stored in order to allow checking or reconstructing a complete chronology of the events and actions taken during an emergency procedure.
UNITOUR is a guard-tour application which uses the already installed readers on the site, the staff has to carry their cards only. Readers and cards can be defined as guard-only or standard access control, making difference between the tour related and the standard access control purposed readings. The stricted time schedules and the real-time follow-up increase the security of your employees and the efficiency of the guard service.

Univisit - Visitor Management

The safety requirements of your premises are in constant evolution. Especially when the imply is the safety of your visitors. It is the reason why the organization the follow-up automation of controls and recording of visitor’s movements within your company is a must. Univisit is a visitor’s management and identification module, designed for companies welcoming external people in their facilities. Thanks to Univisit you will be able to quickly edit a self-adhesive, hard-bound or PVC badge for your visitors and provide an access card limiting the visitors movements within the safe areas he has to be, for a limited period time. Univisit is a powerful tool storing all visits and visitors historical data. Thanks to Univisit and to the Intranet tool, your staff can plan the future visits. • • Phone: +36 1 9000 300 • Fax: +36 1 9000 301 

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